We Take Our Coffee Seriously


We know how important your coffee is to you—that’s why it’s so important to us. In fact, our goal is to serve the freshest, most delicious piping hot cup of coffee you’ll find anywhere. APlus convenience stores are proud to feature coffee that is artisan roasted in the Pacific Northwest. It’s a line of incredibly rich and flavorful specialty grade arabica beans offered exclusively your local APlus convenience store.

Lowcountry Blend (Limited Release)

Enjoy a great cup of coffee and help your community. This specialty blend features beans from Central and South America and offers an enticing mix of bright, slightly nutty flavors, combined with a medium body and finish. It's available now at our South Carolina APlus locations. And for every cup you buy, we'll donate a cup to Lowcountry Food Bank. 

House Blend

A complex blend that starts with a lightly roasted blend of Central and South American beans, for a crisp, sweet initial impression. Added to this are slightly darker Latin American and Indonesian coffees for a smooth, rich flavor. The blend is topped off with a taste of French roast, adding depth and a bit of spice in the cup.

Dark Roast Sumatra

Cultivated on family-run estates on the island of Sumatra, in an area with rich volcanic soil and a tropical climate, this coffee is considered by many to be among the world's finest. It’s sweet and slightly earthy, with a full body and low acidity accentuated by a mellow, dark roast.


Hyperbean has an intense flavor with a heavy body and slight hints of vanilla at the finish. This coffee is blended to provide a stronger caffeine kick.


This coffee is hand-picked from the shaded mountainous slopes of Colombia. The beans feature a sweet, mild character with nutty overtones that add to a light, balanced body. Decaffeinated in the European method to preserve the delicate flavors of the beans.


A sweet, South American base, with a toasted, creamy hazelnut flavoring.

Available at select APlus locations. Find an APlus near you.