APlus Rewards FAQs

APlus Rewards is a way for Sunoco customers to save money at the pump. When you shop at APlus and swipe your APlus Rewards card at the register, specially marked items will earn you discounts on fuel…and the discounts keep adding up until you redeem them. When you’re ready, insert your APlus Rewards card at the pump and watch the price of fuel drop!

How do I get started?

Pick up your FREE APlus Rewards card by visiting your local participating APlus at Sunoco. There’s no sign-up required, and you can start earning gasoline discounts right away.

How do I earn discounts?

Earn discounts buying specially marked items at APlus stores. When you purchase the items, simply swipe your APlus Rewards card and the discounts will be added. You can ask for a complete list of qualifying products at your local participating APlus at Sunoco, or view this month’s Rewards Flyer.

How do I keep track of my discounts?

Discounts will be tracked electronically on your APlus Rewards card. Just look at the bottom of your receipt each time you shop at a participating APlus at Sunoco for discounts earned. Check your balance online.

Do I need to register my card?

No, it is not required although if you lose your card and had previously registered your card, you can contact the Sunoco Customer Service Hotline at 1-800-SUNOCO-1 and we can reload your earned discount on a new card.

What is the minimum purchase required to start redeeming my discounts?

There is no minimum purchase required. Discounts can be redeemed immediately after activating your APlus Rewards card at a participating APlus at Sunoco.

What is the maximum amount of discounted fuel I can purchase in a single transaction?

Discounted fuel cannot exceed 20 gallons per transaction. For your safety, you can only fill up one vehicle per transaction. If you do not purchase the entire 20 gallons in a single transaction, any remaining discounted gallons will be forfeited and the APlus Rewards discount will reset to zero. If you purchase more than 20 gallons, you will pay the posted price for any gallons over 20.

Do I need to use my APlus Rewards card with every purchase?

To accumulate gasoline discounts, swipe your card every time you make a qualifying purchase at your local participating APlus at Sunoco.

Who should I contact if I have a question or problem?

Any store employee can assist in answering your questions. You can also call the Sunoco Customer Service Hotline at 1-800-SUNOCO-1.

How can I redeem my APlus Rewards discounts at a Sunoco fuel pump?

  1. The pump at participating locations will display “Insert card or APlus Rewards card.” Insert your APlus Rewards card and wait for authorization. Your discount will be displayed at the pump.
  2. The price per gallon for each grade will be reduced by the APlus Rewards discount, but the price per gallon cannot be lowered past 1.9 cents per gallon. If you have a very large discount, you will be able to fuel at $0.019, and your remaining reward balance will be available for your next fuel purchase.
  3. Press the button for the grade of gasoline you will be purchasing. Wait for the pump to display the following message: “Insert payment card.”
  4. Insert your payment card and begin fueling. After fueling, hang up the nozzle and take your transaction receipt.

When must the discounts be redeemed by?

APlus Rewards discounts expire on the last day of the month, one month after they are earned. (For example, points earned in December expire January 31st.) Discount totals and expiration dates will appear on your APlus Rewards receipts. After you redeem your discounts, your APlus Rewards balance is automatically reset to zero. APlus Rewards discounts cannot be transferred to another APlus Rewards card account.